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  • TAD GROUP are currently hiring penetration testers. Please read the topic in Career Central subforum.
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Simulating a cyberattack under controlled conditions is the best way to know how potential intruders will actually approach networks. TAD GROUP is a company which delivers network, application, wireless, and social engineering engagements to evaluate the cybersecurity level of the key systems and infrastructure of our clients.

• Perform penetration tests on web-based applications, networks and computer systems
• Probe for vulnerabilities in web applications, fat/thin client applications and standard applications
• Pinpoint methods that cyber attackers could use to exploit weaknesses and logic flaws
• Employ social engineering to uncover security holes (e.g. poor user security practices or password policies)
• Research, document and discuss cybersecurity findings with management and IT teams
• Review and define requirements for cybersecurity solutions
• Work on improvements for cybersecurity services, including the continuous enhancement of existing methodology material and supporting assets
• Provide feedback and verification as an organization fixes security issues

• At least 4 years of cyber security-related experience with practice in penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
• Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems
• Experience with network and web penetration testing
• Cybersecurity tools and products (e.g. Nessus, nmap, Burp, etc.)

• Forensics
• Vulnerability analysis
• Reverse engineering
• Cryptography principles
• Coding/Scripting

We would love to hear about your skills and your experience, as well as any questions you might have.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be treated in strictest confidentiality.

Apply here

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Индустрията за киберсигурност се развива бързо. Сега е много важно да си осигурите надежден достъп до Интернет и да работите в много области, особено ако това е свързано с пари и финанси. Аз лично работя с instaforex review платформа и благодарете, че имат всичко в ред с киберсигурността. Надяваме се, че и други компании ще разгледат важността на този въпрос. 

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