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Как да си сетнем CTF от vulnhub.com

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Downloading the Virtual Machine and Installing It

You will have to be on 64-bit for this.

1.First download VMware Workstation player from here (its free) VMware Workstation Player.


2.Next once you have that downloaded open a terminal and navigate to where you saved it (Default is cd Downloads).


3.Then your going to want to make it executable by using this command
chmod +x name of file.

4.Now your going to have to download and install the packages needed by the installer apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`.

5.Finally run and complete the installer ./Name of file (if it asks for a license key choose I will fill it in later or something like that).


Step 2Setting Up a Ctf and Finding the Ip

So your going to have to set the Vm up so only you can access it and no "l33t Hax0rz" on your network hack it.

1.Download a practice ctf from Vulnhub a good starter one is SickOs 1.1.


2.Open Vmware and click open a machine and pick one of the files your Vulnhub Vm it comes with.

  1. Once it boot's click Virtual Machine and go to Virtual Machine settings then switch the network adapter to host only.

4.Restart the Virtual Machine by clicking Virtual Machine and then power then finally click restart guest.


5.Open a terminal and type arp -a and pick the vmnet8 or vmnet1 ip (only one will work).


Step 3Hack It

Well your free to practice on it. Remember if you get stuck then you can look at the walkthrough-The 0ne

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